We are all aware of the global warming issues that have arisen over the last twenty years and the more recognized effect that our lifestyles have had on the environment, also closer to home, it is a well documented fact that during a fire, toxic smoke inhalation is a greater killer than the fire itself. A lot of current fire retardant compounds used in our industry are coming under increasing pressure as they are suggested to be bio-accumulative, therefore we at TEK HYGIENE felt the need to find alternative solutions.

Halogen Free compounds have been available on the market for a few years, however, they have not been considered to be as effective as the standard chemical treatments, they are unable to treat synthetic fibres and the finished handle in many cases can be stiffer and detremental to the fabric, it is also expensive in comparison, but WE have found solutions to these problems.

TEK has the capability to apply natural compounds to ALL fabric compositions to comply with British and International Standards and still give an exceptionally good handle to your fabrics at a competitive price.

We can also apply our new Nanotechnology anti-microbial compounds, waterproof barrier, blackout / thermal properties and offer heat conductive solutions to textiles plus "green" soil and stain finishes.

For cellulosic fibres we have our Nanotek process which is a natural compound that lends itself to the pad impregnation process, this process can be used for curtains and for upholstery to all specifications.

For synthetic fibres we offer our unique LAMINATION process which sandwiches natural compounds between the fabric and a non-woven backing cloth. This has the added benefit of remaining machine washable / dry cleanable without losing any of itís FR properties.

It also enables us to treat textiles which before now have been considered difficult, if not impossible to treat, such as Trevira CS and 100% Acrylics upto Crib 5. we also have very good unique coatings for PVCís and PUís. Tek still offers a standard chemical coatings, but we are pleased to say that the majority of our clients are switching to our natural "greener" alternatives.

TEK cares about the enviroment and as an industry we have to make a greater contribution to a cleaner planet and take more responsibility for the treatments we apply to our fabrics. The alternative options are available at TEK, we have taken the time and the initiative to develop new solutions such as a new 'ECO drying system' that utilises recycled energy.

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