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TEK was conceived to take a fresh approach to flame retardant and other textile treatments, especially for difficult to treat synthetic fibres.

Our ethos from the start was to find ‘greener’ natural compounds to treat textiles to exacting standards, that can be recycled in the future and have a minimum impact on the environment, in which we all live.

We have invested heavily in state-of-the art high capacity durable machinery, much of which has been designed by our own engineers. With over £300,000 already spent on Research and Development we intend to remain at the forefront of both new technologies and the textile treatment industry.

TEK has a young, loyal and dedicated team who ensures that we offer excellent customer service and a fast and efficient
7-10 day turn around on the majority of production orders with the capacity to treat over 5,000 metres a day!
A special 2- 3 day turnaround is available subject to addional charges, please enquire.

TEK has developed numerous new treatments with an emphasis on using ‘green’ natural based compounds whenever possible. We pride ourselves on being able to treat fabrics that until Tek's conception, have been considered impossible to flame retard to contract standards. (Trevira CS to crib 5, acrylics, polypropylene, nylon, polyolefin and poly acrylics also to crib 5)

We work closely with our customers to develop textile treatments that, will not only meet their exact requirement, but will pass both British and International standards and allow you to claim 'greener’ credentials!

We use U.K.A.S. accredited test houses for all our trials, so we are able provide independent certification for our production.

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The Company and its Aims